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Clowns Television Program 1970      
      The autonomous image [electronic resource] : cinematic narration and humanism / A.J. Prats.   E-BOOK 1981
Clowns United States Biography : GV1811.R4 C37 2001 ; Oakdale Circulating (2nd Floor) ; AVAILABLE      
      Dan Rice : the most famous man you've never heard of / David Carlyon.   BOOK c2001
  Cloyne Bishop Of 1685 1753 -- See Berkeley, George, 1685-1753    
Cloze Procedure    
      Cloze in the content areas.   BOOK c1993
      Cloze instruction research : a second look / Eugene A. Jongsma.   BOOK 1980
      Cloze passages : strategies and applications.   BOOK c1992
      Cloze testing with the newspaper : increasing comprehension through active learning and critical thin   BOOK
      Scoring high in cloze / [Marian Traina Power].   BOOK c1988
Your entry Cloze procedure4SORT would be here -- Search as Words
  Clp -- See Prazský linguistický krouzek    
Club Atletico Atlanta Soccer Team History      
      Fútbol, Jews, and the making of Argentina / Raanan Rein ; translated by Martha Grenzeback.   E-BOOK
Club Des Cordeliers History      
      The Hébertistes to the guillotine [electronic resource] : anatomy of a "conspiracy" in revolutionary   E-BOOK c1994
  Club Music -- See Underground dance music    
Club Of Rome      
      The oceanic circle [electronic resource] / Elisabeth Mann Borgese.   E-BOOK 1998
Clubb Orville Leverne 1944      
      Semper Fi [electronic resource] : the story of a Vietnam era Marine / Orville Leverne Clubb.   E-BOOK 2012
  Clubs -- 9 Related Subjects    
      Man-made culture : the educational activities of men's clubs / by Frank Ernest Hill.   BOOK c1938
      Voluntary programs [electronic resource] : a club theory perspective / edited by Matthew Potoski and   E-BOOK c2009
Clubs Fiction : PZ7.S1185 Sj 1989x ; Juvenile Collection (Oakdl 2nd Flr) ; AVAILABLE      
      Sixth grade secrets / Louis Sachar.   BOOK 1989?
  Clubs Golf Sporting Goods -- See Golf clubs (Sporting goods)    
Clubs Juvenile Fiction    
      The disreputable history of Frankie Landau-Banks : a novel / by E. Lockhart.   BOOK c2008
      Queen of the sixth grade / Ilene Cooper.   BOOK c1988
Clubs New York State Islip : F129.I75 H6 ; Special Collections (Oakdl 2nd Flr) ; BY APPOINTMENT      
      Happy hunting ground / by Harry Hollins.   BOOK 1975
Clubs New York State Long Island Directories : TD173.5 .M3 1979 ; Special Collections (Oakdl 2nd Flr) ; BY APPOINTMENT      
      Long Island environmental directory / Marine Environmental Council of Long Island, inc.   BOOK 1979
Clubs New York State Moriches : F129.M77 S77 1967 ; Special Collections (Oakdl 2nd Flr) ; BY APPOINTMENT      
      Moriches Yacht Club, history / by August Stout, Jr.   BOOK c1967
Clubs New York State Suffolk County Directories : HM131 .S85 ; Special Collections (Oakdl 2nd Flr) ; BY APPOINTMENT      
      Suffolk sourcebook : organizations, associations and clubs serving Suffolk County.   BOOK
  Clubs Night -- See Nightclubs    
  Clubs Nightclubs -- See Nightclubs    
Clubs United States : LC5251 .H5 ; Oakdale Circulating (2nd Floor) ; AVAILABLE      
      Man-made culture : the educational activities of men's clubs / by Frank Ernest Hill.   BOOK c1938
Clumsiness In Children    
      The adolescent with developmental co-ordination disorder (DCD) [electronic resource] / Amanda Kirby ;   E-BOOK 2004
      How to help a clumsy child [electronic resource] : strategies for young children with developmental m   E-BOOK 2003
      Understanding motor skills in children with dyspraxia, ADHD, autism, and other learning disabilities   E-BOOK 2008
  Clumsy Child Syndrome -- See Apraxia    
  Cluniacs -- See also Cluny (Benedictine abbey)    
  Cluny Abbey -- See Cluny (Benedictine abbey)    
Cluny Benedictine Abbey : BX2615.C63 H8 ; Oakdale Circulating (2nd Floor) ; AVAILABLE      
      Cluny under Saint Hugh, 1049-1109.   BOOK c1967
  Cluny France Abbaye De Cluny -- See Cluny (Benedictine abbey)    
  Cluny France Abbey -- See Cluny (Benedictine abbey)    
  Clupeidae -- See also the narrower term Menhaden    
Clusius Carolus 1526 1609    
      Tussen hof en keizerskroon [electronic resource] : [Carolus Clusius en de ontwikkeling van de botanie   E-BOOK c2011
      The world of Carolus Clusius [electronic resource] : natural history in the making, 1550-1610 / by Fl   E-BOOK 2010
  Clusivity Grammar -- See Grammar, Comparative and general Clusivity    
Clusivity Grammar Comparative And General      
      Clusivity [electronic resource] : typology and case studies of inclusive-exclusive distinction / edit   E-BOOK c2005
  Cluster Analysis -- See also the narrower term Document clustering    
Cluster Analysis    
      Cancer clusters [electronic resource] / Bradley D. Germanno, editor.   E-BOOK c2011
      Cluster analysis [electronic resource] / Mark S. Aldenderfer, Roger K. Blashfield.   E-BOOK c1984
      Cluster effects in mining complex data [electronic resource] / M. Ishaq Bhatti.   E-BOOK 2012
      Clustering [electronic resource] / by Rui Xu, Don Wunsch.   E-BOOK c2009
3 additional entries    
Cluster Analysis Congresses      
      Clustering challenges in biological networks [electronic resource] / editors, Sergiy Butenko, W. Art   E-BOOK c2009
  Cluster Headache -- See also Migraine    
  Cluster Industries -- See Industrial clusters    
  Cluster Phenomena Nuclear Physics -- See Cluster theory (Nuclear physics)    
  Cluster Systems Management -- See IBM Cluster systems management    
Cluster Theory Nuclear Physics    
      Atoms, molecules, and clusters in electric fields [electronic resource] : theoretical approaches to t   E-BOOK c2006
      Structure and properties of atomic nanoclusters [electronic resource] / Julio A. Alonso.   E-BOOK c2012
Cluster Theory Nuclear Physics Congresses    
      Exploring fundamental issues in nuclear physics [electronic resource] : nuclear clusters : superheavy   E-BOOK 2012
      Physics of clusters [electronic resource] / editors, V.D. Lakhno and G.N. Chuev.   E-BOOK 1998
      Proceedings of the International Symposium on Clustering Aspects of Quantum Many-Body Systems [electr   E-BOOK c2002
  Clustering Document -- See Document clustering    
  Clustering Of Particles -- See Aggregation (Chemistry)    
  Clustering Phenomena Nuclear Physics -- See Cluster theory (Nuclear physics)    
  Clusters Atomic -- See Microclusters    
  Clusters Beowulf Computer Systems -- See Beowulf clusters (Computer systems)    
Clusters Galaxies    
      Catalogue of discordant redshift associations [electronic resource] / Halton Arp.   E-BOOK 2003
      Cosmology with clusters of galaxies / Sandor Mihaly Molnar (Department of Physics, National Taiwan Un   E-BOOK
Clusters Galaxies Congresses      
      Astrophysics of galaxy clusters [electronic resource] : proceedings of the International School of Ph   E-BOOK 2011
  Clusters Industrial -- See Industrial clusters    
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