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Group Reading Great Britain      
      Bloomsbury essential guide for reading groups [electronic resource] / Susan Osborne.   E-BOOK 2008
Group Reading Iran : PE64.N34 A3 2003 ; Oakdale Circulating (2nd Floor) ; DUE 05-16-16      
      Reading Lolita in Tehran : a memoir in books / Azar Nafisi.   BOOK c2003
Group Reading United States    
      The art of teaching reading / Lucy McCormick Calkins ; photography by Peter Cunningham.   BOOK c2001
      Book club : a literature-based curriculum / Taffy E. Rapheal, Laura S. Pardo, Kathy Highfield.   BOOK c2002
      Book club for middle school / Taffy E. Raphael, Marcella Kehus, Karen Damphousse.   BOOK c2001
      Book club plus! : a literacy framework for the primary grades / Taffy E. Raphael ... [et al.].   BOOK c2004
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Group Reading United States Case Studies    
      Buried treasures in the classroom : using hidden influences to enhance literacy teaching and learning   BOOK c2001
      Discovering what works for struggling readers : journeys of exploration with primary-grade students /   BOOK c2005
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Group Relations Training    
      Adaptation and education in Japan / Nobuo K. Shimahara.   BOOK c1979
      Behind the executive mask : greater managerial competence through deeper self-understanding.   BOOK c1964
      Beyond words : the story of sensitvity training and the encounter movement / Kurt W. Back ; new prefa   BOOK 1987
      Effective human relations : a guide to people at work / Catherine E. Seta, Paul B. Paulus, Robert A.   BOOK c2000
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Group Relations Training Biography : HM134 .A52 1983 ; Oakdale Circulating (2nd Floor) ; AVAILABLE      
      The upstart spring : Esalen and the American awakening / Walter Truett Anderson.   BOOK c1983
Group Relations Training Congresses    
      Adaptation and innovation [electronic resource] : theory, design and role-taking in group relations c   E-BOOK 2009
      Group relations conferences [electronic resource] : reviewing and exploring theory, design, role-taki   E-BOOK 2006
      Group relations conferences [electronic resource] : tradition, creativity and succession in the globa   E-BOOK 2012
      The use of small groups in training [electronic resource] / by R. Gosling ... [et al.].   E-BOOK 1999
Group Relations Training Handbooks Manuals Etc    
      Navamaga : training activities for group building, health, and income generation / Dian Seslar Svends   BOOK 1996
      Resource manual for a living revolution / Virginia Coover ... [et al.].   BOOK c1985
Group Relations Training Periodicals : HM134 .G73 ; Periodicals Microfilm (Oakdale 1st Floor) ; AVAILABLE      
      Group & organization management.   PERIODICAL 1992-
Group Relations Training Problems Exercises Etc    
      The AMA trainers' activity book [electronic resource] : a selection of the best learning exercises fr   E-BOOK c2004
      Show biz training [electronic resource] : fun and effective business training techniques from the wor   E-BOOK c2003
      Workplay [electronic resource] : 36 indoor/outdoor activities for leadership, team building, and prob   E-BOOK c2009
Group Relations Training United States    
      Improving intergroup relations [electronic resource] / Walter G. Stephan, Cookie White Stephan.   E-BOOK c2001
      Preparing participants for intergenerational interaction : training for success / Melissa O. Hawkins,   BOOK c1999
Group Relations Training United States Handbooks Manuals Etc : HV8688 .U42 2000 v.1      
      Guidelines for victim-sensitive victim-offender mediation : restorative justice through dialogue / Ma   ELECTRONIC 2000
  Group Representation Mathematics -- See Representations of groups    
  Group Research -- See Group work in research    
Group Rings      
      Classgroups of group rings [electronic resource] / Martin Taylor.   E-BOOK 1984
  Group Schemes Mathematics -- See also the narrower term Affine algebraic groups    
Group Selection Evolution    
      Darwin's cathedral [electronic resource] : evolution, religion, and the nature of society / David Slo   E-BOOK c2002
      Evolutionary psychology and economic theory [electronic resource] / edited by Roger Koppl.   E-BOOK 2004
Group Selection Evolution History 20th Century      
      Evolutionary restraints [electronic resource] : the contentious history of group selection / Mark E.   E-BOOK 2010
Group Sex      
      The shadow of Dionysus [electronic resource] : a contribution to the sociology of the orgy / Michel M   E-BOOK c1993
Group Sex Fiction      
      Autobiography of a flea [electronic resource] / Anonymous.   E-BOOK c2010
Group Sex United States : HQ18.U5 B33 ; Oakdale Circulating (2nd Floor) ; AVAILABLE      
      Group sex : a scientist's eyewitness report on the American way of swinging / by Gilbert D. Bartell.   BOOK 1971
  Group Teaching -- See Group work in education    
  Group Theater U S -- See Group Theatre (U.S.)    
Group Theatre U S : PN2297.G7 C5 1957 ; Oakdale Circulating (2nd Floor) ; AVAILABLE      
      The fervent years : the story of the Group Theatre and the thirties / Harold Clurman.   BOOK 1957
  Group Theory -- 24 Related Subjects    
Group Theory    
      Applications of finite groups.   BOOK 1959
      The beauty of mathematics in science [electronic resource] : the intellectual path of J Q Chen / edit   E-BOOK 2004
      The classical groups : their invariants and representations / by Hermann Weyl ...   BOOK 1946
      Elementary number theory, group theory, and Ramanujan graphs [electronic resource] / Guiliana Davidof   E-BOOK 2003
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Group Theory Congresses    
      Groups '93 Galway/St Andrews [electronic resource] : Galway 1993. Volume 2 / edited by C.M. Campbell   E-BOOK 1995
      Groups '93 Galway/St Andrews [electronic resource]. Volume 1. / C. M. Campbell ... [et al.].   E-BOOK 1995
      Groups, combinatorics & geometry [electronic resource] : Durham, 1990 / edited by Martin Liebeck and   E-BOOK c1992
      Groups combinatorics & geometry [electronic resource] : Durham 2001 / A.A. Ivanov, M.W. Liebeck, J. S   E-BOOK 2003
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Group Theory Data Processing      
      Computation with finitely presented groups / Charles C. Sims.   E-BOOK
Group Theory Generators      
      Markov processes, semigroups, and generators [electronic resource] / Vassili N. Kolokoltsov.   E-BOOK c2011
Group Theory Problems Exercises Etc : QA171 .D59 ; Oakdale Circulating (2nd Floor) ; AVAILABLE      
      Problems in group theory [by] John D. Dixon.   BOOK 1967
  Group Therapy -- See Group psychotherapy    
Group Values Sociology Psychological Aspects      
      Hitler's ideology [electronic resource] : embodied metaphor, fantasy, and history / Richard A. Koenig   E-BOOK 2007
  Group Via Elements -- See Chalcogens    
  Group Work Church -- See Church group work    
Group Work In Architecture      
      The CRS team and the business of architecture [electronic resource] / edited by Jonathan King and Phi   E-BOOK c2002
Group Work In Architecture Chile      
      Valparaíso School [electronic resource] : open city group / Rodrigo Pérez de Arce, Fernando Pérez Oya   E-BOOK 2003
Group Work In Architecture Computer Networks    
      Design through digital interaction [electronic resource] : computing communications and collaboration   E-BOOK 2001
      Design through digital interaction [electronic resource] : computing communications and collaboration   E-BOOK 2001
  Group Work In Art -- See also Artistic collaboration    
Group Work In Art    
      Film architecture and the transnational imagination [electronic resource] : set design in 1930s Europ   E-BOOK c2007
      Kollektive Autorschaft in der Kunst [electronic resource] : Alternatives Handeln und Denkmodell / Rac   E-BOOK 2012
Group Work In Art Europe Exhibitions : N6758 .M36 1984 ; Oakdale Circulating (2nd Floor) ; AVAILABLE      
      Artistic collaboration in the twentieth century / Cynthia Jaffee McCabe ; with essays by Robert C. Ho   BOOK 1984
Group Work In Art Italy : N6915 .C64 ; Oakdale Circulating (2nd Floor) ; AVAILABLE      
      Collaboration in Italian Renaissance art; edited by Wendy Stedman Sheard and John T. Paoletti.   BOOK 1978
Group Work In Art United States    
      The birth project / by Judy Chicago.   BOOK 1985
      Reconciliation elegy / Robert Motherwell, with Robert Bigelow and John E. Scofield.   BOOK c1980
Group Work In Art United States Exhibitions : N6758 .M36 1984 ; Oakdale Circulating (2nd Floor) ; AVAILABLE      
      Artistic collaboration in the twentieth century / Cynthia Jaffee McCabe ; with essays by Robert C. Ho   BOOK 1984
  Group Work In Education -- 2 Related Subjects    
Group Work In Education    
      50 activities for teaching emotional intelligence. Level I, elementary : the best from Innerchoice Pu   BOOK c1996
      50 activities for teaching emotional intelligence. Level II, middle school : the best from Innerchoic   BOOK c1996
      50 activities for teaching emotional intelligence. Level III, high school : the best from Innerchoice   BOOK c1999
      L'accompagnement en éducation [ressource électronique] : un soutien au renouvellement des pratiques /   E-BOOK 2004
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Group Work In Education Asia      
      El aprendizaje colaborativo en acción [electronic resource] : ejemplos del manejo de los recursos nat   E-BOOK 2010
Group Work In Education California Case Studies      
      Nine lessons of successful school leadership teams [electronic resource] : distilling a decade of inn   E-BOOK c2003
Group Work In Education Case Studies    
      El aprendizaje colaborativo en acción [electronic resource] : ejemplos del manejo de los recursos nat   E-BOOK 2010
      Language and learning in the cooperative classroom / Shlomo Sharan, Hana Shachar.   BOOK c1988
      Teaching in transition : the challenge of mixed ability grouping / John Evans.   BOOK 1985
Group Work In Education Congresses      
      Learning by effective utilization of technologies [electronic resource] : facilitating intercultural   E-BOOK c2006
Group Work In Education Cross Cultural Studies    
      Collaborative learning [electronic resource] : methodology, types of interactions and techniques / Ed   E-BOOK c2010
      Teaching cooperative learning [electronic resource] : the challenge for teacher education / edited by   E-BOOK c2004
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