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1   Human Information Processing -- 2 Related Subjects    
2 Human Information Processing    
      Accessing and browsing information and communication [electronic resource] / Ronald E. Rice, Maureen   E-BOOK 2001
      Adult information processing : limits on loss / John Cerella ... [et al.]   BOOK c1993
      Applications of cognitive psychology : problem solving, education, and computing / edited by Dale E.   BOOK 1987
      Are we unique? : a scientist explores the unparalleled intelligence of the human mind / James Trefil.   BOOK c1997
55 additional entries    
3 Human Information Processing Case Studies : HM261 .G78 1984 ; Oakdale Circulating (2nd Floor) ; AVAILABLE      
      Processing the news : how people tame the information tide / Doris A. Graber.   BOOK c1984
4   Human Information Processing Child Psychology -- See Human information processing in children    
5 Human Information Processing Computer Simulation : BF311 .U56 1988 ; Oakdale Circulating (2nd Floor) ; AVAILABLE      
      Understanding cognitive science / editor, Michael McTear.   BOOK 1988
6 Human Information Processing Congresses    
      Conscious and nonconscious information processing [electronic resource] / edited by Carlo UmiltÓ and   E-BOOK 1994
      Discourse processing / edited by August Flammer and Walter Kintsch.   BOOK 1982
      Visual information processing : proceedings / edited by William G. Chase.   BOOK 1973
7 Human Information Processing History Case Studies      
      Everyday information [electronic resource] : the evolution of information seeking in America / edited   E-BOOK c2011
8 Human Information Processing In Children    
      Across the great divide : bridging the gap between understanding of toddlers' and older children's th   BOOK c2000
      The child as thinker [electronic resource] : the development and acquisition of cognition in childhoo   E-BOOK 1993
      Emerging minds [electronic resource] : the process of change in children's thinking / Robert S. Siegl   E-BOOK 1998
      Young minds in social worlds [electronic resource] : experience, meaning, and memory / Katherine Nels   E-BOOK 2007
9 Human Information Processing Mathematical Models    
      Particle of life : mathematical abstraction or reality? / Michail Zak.   E-BOOK
      Systems that learn [electronic resource] : an introduction to learning theory / Sanjay Jain ... [et a   E-BOOK c1999
      Systems that learn [electronic resource] : an introduction to learning theory / Sanjay Jain ... [et a   E-BOOK c1999
      Understanding cognitive science / editor, Michael McTear.   BOOK 1988
10 Human Information Processing Physiological Aspects      
      The overflowing brain [electronic resource] : information overload and the limits of working memory /   E-BOOK 2009
11 Human Information Processing Social Aspects    
      Memory and cognition in its social context / Robert S. Wyer, Jr., Thomas K. Srull.   BOOK c1989
      Roots of social sensibility and neural function [electronic resource] / Jay Schulkin.   E-BOOK c2000

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