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1   Sex Role -- 4 Related Subjects    
2 Sex Role    
      After the lovedeath [electronic resource] : sexual violence and the making of culture / Lawrence Kram   E-BOOK c1997
      After the lovedeath [electronic resource] : sexual violence and the making of culture / Lawrence Kram   E-BOOK c1997
      American couples : money, work, sex / Philip Blumstein & Pepper Schwartz.   BOOK c1983
      Analyzing gender : a handbook of social science research / editors, Beth B. Hess and Myra Marx Ferree   BOOK c1987
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3 Sex Role Africa    
      Africa after gender? [electronic resource] / edited by Catherine M. Cole, Takyiwaa Manuh, and Stephan   E-BOOK c2007
      African sexualities [electronic resource] : a reader / edited by Sylvia Tamale.   E-BOOK c2011
      Masculinities in contemporary Africa [electronic resource] / edited by Egodi Uchendu = La masculinité   E-BOOK c2008
      Technology, gender, and power in Africa [electronic resource] / Patricia Stamp.   E-BOOK 1990
4 Sex Role Africa Sub Saharan    
      Gender and language in Sub-Saharan Africa : Tradition, struggle and change / Edited by Lilian Atanga,   E-BOOK
      Iron, gender, and power [electronic resource] : rituals of transformation in African societies / Euge   E-BOOK c1993
5 Sex Role Africa West History      
      Mother is gold, father is glass [electronic resource] : gender and colonialism in a Yoruba town / Lor   E-BOOK c2011
6 Sex Role Alaska Bethel      
      Telling our selves [electronic resource] : ethnicity and discourse in Southwestern Alaska / Chase Hen   E-BOOK 1996
7 Sex Role Amazon River Region    
      Gender and sociality in Amazonia [electronic resource] : how real people are made / Cecilia McCallum.   E-BOOK 2001
      Gender in Amazonia and Melanesia [electronic resource] : an exploration of the comparative method / e   E-BOOK c2001
8 Sex Role America Colonies History    
      Nation, empire, colony [electronic resource] : historicizing gender and race / edited by Ruth Roach P   E-BOOK c1998
      Nation, empire, colony [electronic resource] : historicizing gender and race / edited by Ruth Roach P   E-BOOK c1998
9 Sex Role And Globalization    
      Circuits of visibility [electronic resource] : gender and transnational media cultures / edited by Ra   E-BOOK c2011
      The new maids [electronic resource] : transnational women and the care economy / Helma Lutz ; transla   E-BOOK c2011
10 Sex Role And Globalization Africa      
      Global exchanges and gender perspectives in Africa [electronic resource] / edited by Jean-Bernard Oué   E-BOOK 2011
11 Sex Role Arab Countries      
      Neopatriarchy [electronic resource] : a theory of distorted change in Arab society / Hisham Sharabi.   E-BOOK 1992
12 Sex Role Argentina History 19th Century      
      Women in Argentina [electronic resource] : early travel narratives / Mónica Szurmuk.   E-BOOK c2000
13 Sex Role Asia    
      Embodied modernities [electronic resource] : corporeality, representation, and Chinese cultures / edi   E-BOOK c2006
      Gender and globalization in Asia and the Pacific [electronic resource] : method, practice, theory / e   E-BOOK c2008
      Gender politics in Asia [electronic resource] : women manoeuvring within dominant gender orders / edi   E-BOOK 2008
      Gendered inequalities in Asia [electronic resource] : configuring, contesting and recognizing women a   E-BOOK 2010
14 Sex Role Asia Case Studies      
      Brown Boys and Rice Queens [electronic resource] : Spellbinding Performance in the Asias.   E-BOOK 2013
15 Sex Role Australia : DVD Collection ; DVD Collection (Oakdale 2nd Floor) ; AVAILABLE      
      Talking gender [videorecording (DVD)] / Catherine Gough-Brady, director.   VIDEO c1999
16 Sex Role Australia Arnhem Land N T : GN667.N6 B87 1994 ; Oakdale Circulating (2nd Floor) ; AVAILABLE      
      Fighting women : anger and aggression in Aboriginal Australia / Victoria Katherine Burbank.   BOOK c1994
17 Sex Role Australia Western Australia      
      Mother's taxi [electronic resource] : sport and women's labor / Shona M. Thompson.   E-BOOK c1999
18 Sex Role Bangladesh : HQ1075.5.I4 M36 1988 ; Oakdale Circulating (2nd Floor) ; AVAILABLE      
      Women's seclusion and men's honor : sex roles in north India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan / David G. Man   BOOK c1988
19 Sex Role Biblical Teaching    
      Gendering wisdom the host [electronic resource] : biblical invitations to eat and drink / Judith E. M   E-BOOK c1996
      The kindness of God [electronic resource] : metaphor, gender, and religious language / Janet Martin S   E-BOOK 2007
      Writing and reading war [electronic resource] : rhetoric, gender, and ethics in biblical and modern c   E-BOOK c2008
20 Sex Role Brazil      
      Anxious pleasures : the sexual lives of an Amazonian people / Thomas Gregor.   E-BOOK
21 Sex Role Brazil Bahia State      
      Violence in the city of women [electronic resource] : police and batterers in Bahia, Brazil / Sarah J   E-BOOK c2007
22 Sex Role Brazil Ceara State History 19th Century      
      Cleansing honor with blood [electronic resource] : masculinity, violence, and power in the backlands   E-BOOK c2012
23 Sex Role British Columbia History 19th Century      
      On the edge of empire [electronic resource] : gender, race, and the making of British Columbia, 1849-   E-BOOK c2001
24 Sex Role Burma      
      Refiguring women, colonialism, and modernity in Burma [electronic resource] / Chie Ikeya.   E-BOOK c2011
25 Sex Role Byzantine Empire      
      The perfect servant [electronic resource] : eunuchs and the social construction of gender in Byzantiu   E-BOOK c2003
26 Sex Role Byzantine Empire History      
      Questions of gender in Byzantine society [electronic resource] / edited by Bronwen Neil and Lynda Gar   E-BOOK 2013
27 Sex Role California History 20th Century : RC451.4.H68 W37 1987 ; Oakdale Circulating (2nd Floor) ; AVAILABLE      
      Madwives : schizophrenic women in the 1950s / Carol A.B. Warren.   BOOK c1987
28 Sex Role California San Francisco      
      The archaeology of ethnogenesis [electronic resource] : race and sexuality in colonial San Francisco   E-BOOK c2008
29 Sex Role Cameroon    
      Gender, discourse and power in the Cameroonian Parliament [electronic resource] / Lilian Lem Atanga.   E-BOOK c2010
      Gender relations in Cameroon [electronic resource] : multidisciplinary perspectives / edited by Emman   E-BOOK c2012
30 Sex Role Canada Religious Aspects Christianity      
      Households of faith [electronic resource] : family, gender, and community in Canada, 1760-1969 / edit   E-BOOK c2002
31 Sex Role Caribbean Area    
      The culture of gender and sexuality in the Caribbean [electronic resource] / edited by Linden Lewis.   E-BOOK c2003
      Sexuality, social exclusion & human rights [electronic resource] : vulnerability in the Caribbean con   E-BOOK 2009
32 Sex Role Caribbean Area Congresses      
      Interrogating Caribbean masculinities [electronic resource] : theoretical and empirical analyses / ed   E-BOOK c2004
33 Sex Role Caribbean English Speaking      
      Confronting power, theorizing gender [electronic resource] : interdisciplinary perspectives in the Ca   E-BOOK 2003
34 Sex Role Case Studies    
      Daughters and sons : a study of non-sexist childraising / by June Statham.   BOOK 1985
      Gendered tradeoffs [electronic resource] : family, social policy, and economic inequality in twenty-o   E-BOOK c2009
      Identity and stability in marriage / Janet Askham.   BOOK 1984
      Strip club [electronic resource] : gender, power, and sex work / Kim Price-Glynn.   E-BOOK c2010
35 Sex Role Chesapeake Bay Region Md And Va History      
      Every home a distillery [electronic resource] : alcohol, gender, and technology in the colonial Chesa   E-BOOK 2009
36 Sex Role China    
      Chinese femininities, chinese masculinities : a reader / edited by Susan Brownell and Jeffrey N. Wass   BOOK c2002
      Chinese femininities, chinese masculinities [electronic resource] : a reader / edited by Susan Browne   E-BOOK c2002
      Gender and power in rural North China / Ellen R. Judd.   BOOK 1994
      Women in China's long twentieth century [electronic resource] / Gail Hershatter.   E-BOOK c2007
37 Sex Role China Chengdu      
      Anxious wealth [electronic resource] : money and morality among China's new rich / John Osburg.   E-BOOK
38 Sex Role China History    
      A flourishing Yin [electronic resource] : gender in China's medical history, 960-1665 / Charlotte Fur   E-BOOK c1999
      Sex, culture and modernity in china [electronic resource] / Frank Dikötter.   E-BOOK 1995
      Sex, culture, and modernity in China : medical science and the construction of sexual identities in t   BOOK c1995
      Technology and gender [electronic resource] : fabrics of power in late imperial China / Francesca Bra   E-BOOK c1997
      Technology and gender [electronic resource] : fabrics of power in late imperial China / Francesca Bra   E-BOOK c1997
39 Sex Role China History 20th Century      
      Regulating Prostitution in China [electronic resource] : Gender and Local Statebuilding, 1900-1937.   E-BOOK 2014
40 Sex Role China History Congresses      
      Marriage and inequality in Chinese society [electronic resource] / edited by Rubie S. Watson, Patrici   E-BOOK c1991
41 Sex Role China Southwest      
      Quest for harmony [electronic resource] : the Moso traditions of sexual union and family life / Chuan   E-BOOK c2010
42 Sex Role Colombia Raquira      
      The ceramics of Ráquira, Colombia [electronic resource] : gender, work, and economic change / Ronald   E-BOOK c1998
43 Sex Role Confederate States Of America      
      All that makes a man [electronic resource] : love and ambition in the Civil War South / Stephen W. Be   E-BOOK 2003
44 Sex Role Congresses    
      Analyzing gender, intersectionality, and multiple inequalities [electronic resource] : global, transn   E-BOOK 2011
      Bound and Unbound [electronic resource] : Interdisciplinary Approaches to Genders and Sexualities.   E-BOOK 2008
      The Changing family : views from theology and the social sciences in the light of the apostolic exhor   BOOK c1984
      Changing life patterns in Western industrial societies [electronic resource] / edited by Janet Zollin   E-BOOK 2004
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45 Sex Role Cook Islands      
      Dancing from the heart [electronic resource] : movement, gender, and Cook Islands globalization / Kal   E-BOOK c2009
46 Sex Role Costa Rica Puerto Limon History      
      The company they kept [electronic resource] : migrants and the politics of gender in Caribbean Costa   E-BOOK c2002
47 Sex Role Cross Cultural Studies    
      The anthropology of food and body : gender, meaning and power / Carole M. Counihan.   BOOK 1999
      Cultural dynamics of women's lives [electronic resource] / edited by Ana Cecília Bastos, Kristiina Ur   E-BOOK c2012
      Dividing the domestic [electronic resource] : men, women, and household work in cross-national perspe   E-BOOK c2010
      From menarche to menopause : reproductive lives of peasant women in two cultures / Yewoubdar Beyene.   BOOK c1989
5 additional entries    
48 Sex Role Czech Republic    
      Gender, globalization, and postsocialism [electronic resource] : the Czech Republic after communism /   E-BOOK c2003
      Market dreams [electronic resource] : gender, class, and capitalism in the Czech Republic / Elaine We   E-BOOK c2007
49 Sex Role Developing Countries    
      Development with a body [electronic resource] : sexuality, human rights and development / Andrea Corn   E-BOOK 2008
      Feminist visions of development [electronic resource] : gender analysis and policy / edited by Cecile   E-BOOK c1998
      Gender and Social Protection in the Developing World [electronic resource] : Beyond Mothers and Safet   E-BOOK 2013
      Men of the global south [electronic resource] : a reader / edited by Adam Jones.   E-BOOK 2006
      Women in the Third World : gender issues in rural and urban areas / Lynne Brydon, Sylvia Chant.   BOOK 1989
50 Sex Role Drama      
      The taming of the shrew [electronic resource] / William Shakespeare ; fully annotated, with an introd   E-BOOK c2005
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