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1   Democracy -- 9 Related Subjects    
2 Democracy    
      Adventures of the symbolic [electronic resource] : post-Marxism and radical democracy / Warren Breckm   E-BOOK c2013
      After Liberalism [electronic resource] : Mass Democracy in the Managerial State / Paul Edward Gottfri   E-BOOK 2001
      After the revolution; authority in a good society, by Robert A. Dahl.   BOOK 1970
      After the revolution? [electronic resource] : authority in a good society / Robert A. Dahl.   E-BOOK c1990
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3 Democracy Adams Henry 1838 1918      
      The genteel tradition and the sacred rage [electronic resource] : high culture vs. democracy in Adams   E-BOOK c1992
4 Democracy Afghanistan    
      Afghanistan, Iraq and post-conflict governance [electronic resource] : Damoclean democracy? / edited   E-BOOK 2010
      Derailing Democracy in Afghanistan [electronic resource] : Elections in an Unstable Political Landsca   E-BOOK 2014
5 Democracy Africa    
      Cooperative collegial democracy for Africa and multi-ethnic societies [electronic resource] : democra   E-BOOK 2013
      A decade of democracy in Africa [electronic resource] / edited by Stephen N. Ndegwa.   E-BOOK 2001
      Democracy and elections in Africa [electronic resource] / Staffan I. Lindberg.   E-BOOK 2006
      Democracy for breakfast : unveiling mirage democracy in contemporary Africa / Tatah Mentan.   E-BOOK
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6 Democracy Africa 20th Century      
      Democratizing or reconfiguring predatory autocracy? [electronic resource] : myths and realities in Af   E-BOOK c2009
7 Democracy Africa Portuguese Speaking      
      The Internet and democracy building in Lusophone African countries [electronic resource] / Susana Sal   E-BOOK
8 Democracy Africa Southern    
      Ending autocracy, enabling democracy [electronic resource] : the tribulations of southern Africa, 196   E-BOOK c2002
      Government confronts culture [electronic resource] : the struggle for democracy in Southern Africa /   E-BOOK 1999
9 Democracy Africa Sub Saharan    
      Democratization in Africa [electronic resource] : African views, african voices : summary of three wo   E-BOOK 1992
      Trade unions and workplace democracy in Africa [electronic resource] / Gérard Kester ; with one chapt   E-BOOK c2007
10 Democracy Alberta      
      Alberta oil and the decline of democracy in Canada / edited by Meenal Shrivastava & Lorna Stefanick.   E-BOOK
11 Democracy Algeria    
      Between ballots and bullets [electronic resource] : Algeria's transition from authoritarianism / Will   E-BOOK c1998
      The international dimension of the failed Algerian transition [electronic resource] : Democracy betra   E-BOOK 2009
12 Democracy America      
      Human rights regimes in the Americas [electronic resource] / edited by Mónica Serrano and Vesselin Po   E-BOOK c2010
13 Democracy America History      
      Culling the masses : the democratic origins of racist immigration policy in the Americas / David Scot   E-BOOK
14 Democracy And Education    
      Advancing democracy through education? [electronic resource] : U.S. influence abroad and domestic pra   E-BOOK c2008
      Can educators make a difference? [electronic resource] : experimenting with, and experiencing, democr   E-BOOK c2012
      Ethics and international curriculum work [electronic resource] : the challenges of culture and contex   E-BOOK c2012
      Mob Rule Learning [electronic resource] : Camps, Unconferences, and Trashing the Talking Head.   E-BOOK 2011
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15 Democracy And Education Africa      
      University in Africa and democratic citizenship [electronic resource] : hothouse or training ground?   E-BOOK 2011
16 Democracy And Education Canada History 20th Century      
      Democracy's angels [electronic resource] : the work of women teachers / Kristina R. Llewellyn.   E-BOOK c2012
17 Democracy And Education Dewey John 1859 1952    
      The democratic philosophy of education : companion to Dewey's Democracy and education / exposition an   BOOK c1932
      John Dewey and our educational prospect : a critical engagement with Dewey's Democracy and education   BOOK c2006
      John Dewey and our educational prospect [electronic resource] : a critical engagement with Dewey's De   E-BOOK c2006
18 Democracy And Education United States    
      Democracy's education : public work, citizenship, and the future of higher education / Harry C. Boyte   E-BOOK
      Democratic dilemmas of teaching service-learning [electronic resource] : curricular strategies for su   E-BOOK 2011
19 Democracy And Education United States History 19th Century      
      The long road to Annapolis [electronic resource] : the founding of the Naval Academy and the emerging   E-BOOK c2010
20 Democracy And Science      
      The march of unreason [electronic resource] : science, democracy, and the new fundamentalism / Dick T   E-BOOK 2005
21 Democracy And Science Congresses      
      Public science in liberal democracy [electronic resource] / edited by Jene M. Porter and Peter W.B. P   E-BOOK c2007
22 Democracy And Science Europe      
      Designs on nature [electronic resource] : science and democracy in Europe and the United States / She   E-BOOK 2007
23 Democracy And Science Netherlands Case Studies      
      The paradox of scientific authority [electronic resource] : the role of scientific advice in democrac   E-BOOK c2009
24 Democracy And Science United States      
      Designs on nature [electronic resource] : science and democracy in Europe and the United States / She   E-BOOK 2007
25 Democracy And The Arts      
      Doing democracy : activist art and cultural politics / edited by Nancy S. Love and Mark Mattern.   E-BOOK
26   Democracy And Women -- See Women and democracy    
27 Democracy Andes Region    
      The crisis of democratic representation in the Andes [electronic resource] / edited by Scott Mainwari   E-BOOK 2006
      Politics in the Andes [electronic resource] : identity, conflict, reform / edited by Jo-Marie Burt an   E-BOOK c2004
28 Democracy Arab Countries    
      The Arab revolution [electronic resource] : ten lessons from the democratic uprising / Jean-Pierre Fi   E-BOOK 2011
      Democracy, human rights and law in Islamic thought [electronic resource] / by Mohammed Abed al-Jabri.   E-BOOK 2009
      Democratization in the Arab world [electronic resource] : prospects and lessons from around the globe   E-BOOK 2012
29 Democracy Argentina History 20th Century      
      Authoritarianism and democratization [electronic resource] : soldiers and workers in Argentina, 1976-   E-BOOK 1998
30 Democracy Asia    
      Political booms [electronic resource] : local money and power in Taiwan, East China, Thailand, and th   E-BOOK c2009
      Terrorism, Instability, and Democracy in Asia and Africa [electronic resource].   E-BOOK 2010
31 Democracy Asia Central      
      Democracy in Central Asia : competing perspectives and alternative strategies / Mariya Y. Omelicheva.   E-BOOK
32 Democracy Australia    
      Limiting democracy [electronic resource] : the erosion of electoral rights in Australia / Colin A. Hu   E-BOOK c2006
      Politics and administration at the top [electronic resource] : lessons from down under / Delmer D. Du   E-BOOK c1997
33 Democracy Australia History 19th Century      
      Republicanism and responsible government : the shaping of democracy in Australia and Canada / Benjami   E-BOOK
34 Democracy Balkan Peninsula      
      Experimenting with democracy [electronic resource] : regime change in the Balkans / edited by Geoffre   E-BOOK 2002
35 Democracy Belgium    
      Confrontation and communication [electronic resource] : deliberative democracy in divided Belgium / D   E-BOOK c2012
      Revealing democracy : secularism and religion in liberal democratic states / Chantal Maillé, Greg M.   E-BOOK 2013
36 Democracy Brazil    
      Bootstrapping democracy : transforming local governance and civil society in Brazil / Gianpaolo Baioc   E-BOOK 2011
      Brazil's dance with the devil : the World Cup, the Olympics, and the fight for democracy / by Dave Zi   E-BOOK
      De la démocratie raciale au multiculturalisme [electronic resource] : Brésil, Amériques, Europe / Síl   E-BOOK 2009
      Democratic Brazil revisited / edited by Peter R. Kingstone and Timothy J. Power.   E-BOOK
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37 Democracy Burma      
      Burma redux [electronic resource] : global justice and the quest for political reform in Myanmar / Ia   E-BOOK c2011
38 Democracy Cambodia      
      Aid dependence in Cambodia [electronic resource] : how foreign assistance undermines democracy / Soph   E-BOOK c2013
39 Democracy Cameroon    
      Cameroon's Contemporary Culture and Politics : Prospects and Problems / Milton Krieger.   E-BOOK
      Democracy and human rights in Africa [electronic resource] : the politics of collective participation   E-BOOK 2013
      Mediating legitimacy [electronic resource] : chieftaincy and democratisation in two African chiefdoms   E-BOOK 2009
      No trifling matter [electronic resource] : contributions of an uncompromising critic to the democrati   E-BOOK 2011
40 Democracy Canada    
      Civil rights and the paradox of liberal democracy [electronic resource] / Bradley C.S. Watson.   E-BOOK 1999
      Démocraties métropolitaines [electronic resource] : transformations de l'état et politiques urbaines   E-BOOK 2004
      The people's House of Commons [electronic resource] : theories of democracy in contention / David E.   E-BOOK 2007
      The people's mandate [electronic resource] : referendums and a more democratic Canada / Patrick Boyer   E-BOOK 1992
      Whose property? [electronic resource] : the deepening conflict between private property and democracy   E-BOOK c1999
41 Democracy Canada Citizen Participation      
      Changement ou continuité? [electronic resource] : les processus participatifs au Gouvernement du Cana   E-BOOK c2009
42 Democracy Canada History 19th Century      
      Republicanism and responsible government : the shaping of democracy in Australia and Canada / Benjami   E-BOOK
43 Democracy Caribbean Area : JL599.5.A91 D46 1993 ; Oakdale Circulating (2nd Floor) ; AVAILABLE      
      Democracy in the Caribbean : political, economic, and social perspectives / edited by Jorge I. Domíng   BOOK c1993
44 Democracy Case Studies    
      Democracy in divided societies [electronic resource] : electoral engineering for conflict management   E-BOOK 2001
      Democratizations [electronic resource] : comparisons, confrontations, and contrasts / Jose V. Ciprut,   E-BOOK c2008
      Mobilizing for democracy [electronic resource] : citizen action and the politics of public participat   E-BOOK 2010
      Negotiating democracy [electronic resource] : media transformations in emerging democracies / edited   E-BOOK c2007
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45 Democracy Central America      
      Media power in Central America [electronic resource] / Rick J. Rockwell and Noreene Janus.   E-BOOK c2003
46 Democracy Central America History      
      Democratic transitions in Central America [electronic resource] / edited by Jorge I. Domínguez and Ma   E-BOOK c1997
47 Democracy Chile    
      Deepening democracy? [electronic resource] : the modern left and social movements in Chile and Peru /   E-BOOK 1998
      Incomplete democracy [electronic resource] : political democratization in Chile and Latin America / b   E-BOOK c2003
48 Democracy Chile History 19th Century      
      The Society of Equality [electronic resource] : popular republicanism and democracy in Santiago de Ch   E-BOOK 2011
49 Democracy Chile Public Opinion      
      Citizen views of democracy in Latin America [electronic resource] / edited by Roderic Ai Camp.   E-BOOK c2001
50 Democracy China    
      Black hands of Beijing : lives of defiance in China's democracy movement / George Black, Robin Munro.   BOOK c1993
      China modernizes [electronic resource] : threat to the West or model for the rest? / Randall Peerenbo   E-BOOK 2007
      China's changing political landscape [electronic resource] : prospects for democracy / Cheng Li, edit   E-BOOK c2008
      China's democratic future [electronic resource] : how it will happen and where it will lead / Bruce G   E-BOOK 2004
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