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1   Host Parasite Relationships -- 4 Related Subjects    
2 Host Parasite Relationships    
      The behavioural ecology of parasites / edited by E.E. Lewis, J.F. Campbell, and M.V.K. Sukhdeo   BOOK c2002
      The biogeography of host-parasite interactions [electronic resource] / edited by Serge Morand, Boris   E-BOOK 2010
      Current concepts in parasitology [electronic resource] / edited by Ronald C. Ko.   E-BOOK 1989
      Evolution of infectious disease [electronic resource] / Paul W. Ewald.   E-BOOK 1994
4 additional entries    
3 Host Parasite Relationships Congresses    
      Colloquium on Virulence and Defense in Host-Pathogen Interactions [electronic resource] : Common Feat   E-BOOK 2001
      Ending the war metaphor [electronic resource] : the changing agenda for unraveling the host-microbe r   E-BOOK c2006
4 Host Parasite Relationships Environmental Aspects      
      Infectious disease ecology [electronic resource] : the effects of ecosystems on disease and of diseas   E-BOOK c2008
5 Host Parasite Relationships Genetic Aspects      
      Mobile genetic elements in metazoan parasites [electronic resource] / [edited by] Paul J. Brindley.   E-BOOK c2009
6 Host Parasite Relationships Popular Works      
      People, Parasites, and Plowshares [electronic resource] : Learning From Our Body's Most Terrifying In   E-BOOK 2013

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