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1   Political Parties -- 9 Related Subjects    
2 Political Parties    
      Bankrupt representation and party system collapse [electronic resource] / Jana Morgan.   E-BOOK c2011
      Citizens, parties, and the state : a reappraisal / Alan Ware.   BOOK 1988
      Contribution à la critique de la persuasion politique [electronic resource] / Simon Laflamme.   E-BOOK 1987
      Do elections matter? / Benjamin Ginsberg and Alan Stone, editors.   BOOK c1986
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3 Political Parties Africa    
      African political parties [electronic resource] : evolution, institutionalism and governance / edited   E-BOOK 2003
      Cooperative collegial democracy for Africa and multi-ethnic societies [electronic resource] : democra   E-BOOK 2013
4 Political Parties Africa Sub Saharan : DT352 .C56 ; Oakdale Circulating (2nd Floor) ; AVAILABLE      
      Political parties and national integration in tropical Africa. Edited by James S. Coleman and Carl G.   BOOK c1964
5 Political Parties Alabama History 19th Century      
      Two-party politics in the one-party South [electronic resource] : Alabama's hill country, 1874-1920 /   E-BOOK c1997
6 Political Parties Alabama History 20th Century      
      Two-party politics in the one-party South [electronic resource] : Alabama's hill country, 1874-1920 /   E-BOOK c1997
7 Political Parties Alberta      
      The Social Credit phenomenon in Alberta [electronic resource] / Alvin Finkel.   E-BOOK c1989
8 Political Parties Arab Countries    
      The Arab left / Tareq Y. Ismael.   BOOK c1976
      Getting to Pluralism [electronic resource] : Political Actors in the Arab World.   E-BOOK 2012
      When victory is not an option [electronic resource] : Islamist movements in Arab politics / Nathan J.   E-BOOK 2012
9 Political Parties Belgium      
      The ideology of the extreme right [electronic resource] / Cas Mudde.   E-BOOK 2002
10 Political Parties Brazil : JL2498.A1 M35 1999eb      
      Rethinking party systems in the third wave of democratization [electronic resource] : the case of Bra   E-BOOK 1999
11 Political Parties California      
      No middle ground [electronic resource] : how informal party organizations control nominations and pol   E-BOOK c2009
12 Political Parties Canada    
      Canada's origins [electronic resource] : liberal, tory, or republican? / with an introduction, conclu   E-BOOK 1995
      Vie politique au Canada [electronic resource] / André Bernard.   E-BOOK 2005
13 Political Parties Canada History 20th Century      
      Shopping for Votes [electronic resource] : How Politicians Choose Us and We Choose Them.   E-BOOK 2013
14 Political Parties Case Studies      
      Bankrupt representation and party system collapse [electronic resource] / Jana Morgan.   E-BOOK c2011
15 Political Parties China    
      Blood and history in China [electronic resource] : the Donglin faction and its repression, 1620-1627   E-BOOK c2002
      China's diplomacy : theory and practice / edited by Jiemian Yang, Shanghai Institutes for Internation   E-BOOK
      The thought remolding campaign of the Chinese communist party-state [electronic resource] / Hu Ping ;   E-BOOK 2012
16 Political Parties Cross Cultural Studies    
      The comparative study of electoral systems [electronic resource] / edited by Hans-Dieter Klingemann.   E-BOOK 2009
      From terrorism to politics [electronic resource] / Anisseh van Engeland and Rachael M. Rudolph.   E-BOOK 2008
      Political parties in advanced industrial democracies [electronic resource] / edited by Paul Webb, Dav   E-BOOK 2002
17 Political Parties Developing Countries    
      Confronting the weakest link [electronic resource] : aiding political parties in new democracies / Th   E-BOOK 2006
      Political parties, business groups, and corruption in developing countries [electronic resource] / Vi   E-BOOK c2011
      Political parties in conflict-prone societies [electronic resource] : regulation, engineering and dem   E-BOOK c2008
18 Political Parties Directories : JF2051 .P65 2002 ; Oakdale Reference (1st Floor) ; LIB USE ONLY      
      Political parties of the world.   BOOK 2002
19   Political Parties Discipline -- See Party discipline
--subdivision Discipline under names of political parties
20 Political Parties East Asia      
      Political parties, party systems and democratisation in East Asia [electronic resource] / edited by L   E-BOOK c2011
21 Political Parties Egypt      
      Raging against the machine [electronic resource] : political opposition under authoritarianism in Egy   E-BOOK 2013
22 Political Parties Ethiopia      
      Contested power in Ethiopia [electronic resource] : traditional authorities and multi-party elections   E-BOOK 2012
23 Political Parties Europe    
      Citizens and the state [electronic resource] / edited by Hans-Dieter Klingemann and Dieter Fuchs.   E-BOOK c1995
      Comparative European party systems [electronic resource] : an analysis of parliamentary elections sin   E-BOOK 2000
      European political parties : a handbook / edited by Stanley Henig.   BOOK 1970
      The European right : a historical profile / Hans Rogger and Eugen Weber, editors.   BOOK c1965
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24 Political Parties Europe History 20th Century    
      Defending democracy [electronic resource] : reactions to extremism in interwar Europe / Giovanni Capo   E-BOOK c2005
      Party system change [electronic resource] : approaches and interpretations / Peter Mair.   E-BOOK 1997
25 Political Parties Europe Western      
      The extreme right in Western Europe [electronic resource] : success or failure? / Elisabeth Carter.   E-BOOK 2005
26 Political Parties Europe Western History 19th Century      
      Origins of liberal dominance [electronic resource] : state, church, and party in nineteenth-century E   E-BOOK c1999
27 Political Parties European Union Countries    
      The European Parliament and Supranational Party System [electronic resource] : a study in institution   E-BOOK 2001
      Euroscepticism, Europhobia and Eurocriticism : the radical parties of the right and the left vis-à-vi   E-BOOK
      Opposing Europe? [electronic resource] : the comparative party politics of Euroscepticism. Volume 1,   E-BOOK 2008
      Opposing Europe? Volume 2, Comparative and theoretical perspectives [electronic resource] : the compa   E-BOOK 2008
      Political parties in the European Union / Simin Hix and Christopher Lord.   BOOK 1997
28   Political Parties Finance -- See Campaign funds    
29 Political Parties France      
      The French party system [electronic resource] / edited by Jocelyn A.J. Evans.   E-BOOK 2003
30 Political Parties Georgia Republic      
      Against all odds [electronic resource] : aiding political parties in Georgia and Ukraine / Max Bader.   E-BOOK c2010
31 Political Parties Germany    
      The ideology of the extreme right [electronic resource] / Cas Mudde.   E-BOOK 2002
      Modern Germany [electronic resource] : politics, society and culture / edited by Peter James.   E-BOOK 1998
32 Political Parties Germany East History      
      Out of the east [electronic resource] : from PDS to Left Party in unified Germany / David F. Patton.   E-BOOK c2011
33 Political Parties Germany History 20th Century    
      Dispatches from the Weimar Republic [electronic resource] : Versailles and German fascism / Morgan Ph   E-BOOK 1999
      The logic of evil [electronic resource] : the social origins of the Nazi Party, 1925-1933 / William B   E-BOOK c1996
34 Political Parties Germany History 21st Century      
      The PDS--a symbol of eastern German identity? [electronic resource] / by Adrian Webb.   E-BOOK 2007
35 Political Parties Germany West      
      Gegliederter Universalismus [electronic resource] : Politische Philosophie Und Ihre Tendenzen in Der   E-BOOK 2010
36 Political Parties Great Britain    
      The age of alignment : electoral politics in Britain, 1922-1929.   BOOK c1975
      British politics: people, parties, and Parliament / edited with an introd. by Anthony King.   BOOK 1968
      Democracy and the organization of political parties, by M. Ostrogorski. With a pref. by James Bryce.   BOOK 1964
      The genesis of parliamentary reform / by George Stead Veitch ; with an introduction by Ian R. Christi   BOOK c1964
4 additional entries    
37 Political Parties Great Britain History    
      The Conservatives; a history from their origins to 1965 / by Norman Gash ... [et al.] ; edited, with   BOOK c1977
      Crosses on the ballot : patterns of British voter alignment since 1885 / Kenneth D. Wald.   E-BOOK
      Liberals [electronic resource] : a history of the Liberal and Liberal Democratic parties / Roy Dougla   E-BOOK c2005
      One nation Britain : history, the progressive tradition, and practical ideas for today's politicians   E-BOOK
3 additional entries    
38 Political Parties Great Britain History 17th Century      
      Representation and misrepresentation in later Stuart Britain [electronic resource] : partisanship and   E-BOOK 2006
39 Political Parties Great Britain History 18th Century    
      The emergence of the British two-party system, 1760-1832 / Frank O'Gorman.   BOOK c1982
      Political parties in Britain, 1783-1867 [electronic resource] / Eric J. Evans.   E-BOOK 1985
40 Political Parties Great Britain History 19th Century    
      The efficient secret : the cabinet and the development of political parties in Victorian England / Ga   BOOK 1987
      The emergence of the British two-party system, 1760-1832 / Frank O'Gorman.   BOOK c1982
      Political parties in Britain, 1783-1867 [electronic resource] / Eric J. Evans.   E-BOOK 1985
41 Political Parties Great Britain History 20th Century    
      In the shadow of the dictators [electronic resource] : the British Left in the 1930s / Paul Corthorn.   E-BOOK 2006
      The party system [electronic resource] / by Hilaire Belloc and Cecil Chesterton ; foreword by Ron Pau   E-BOOK 2007
42 Political Parties Handbooks Manuals Etc : JF37 .P6 ; Oakdale Reference (1st Floor) ; LIB USE ONLY      
      Political handbook of the world.   BOOK 1975-
43 Political Parties History Case Studies      
      The formation of national party systems [electronic resource] : federalism and party competition in C   E-BOOK c2004
44 Political Parties Illinois History 19th Century      
      The invention of party politics [electronic resource] : federalism, popular sovereignty, and constitu   E-BOOK c2002
45 Political Parties India    
      Democracy without associations [electronic resource] : transformation of the party system and social   E-BOOK 2001
      Divided we stand [electronic resource] : India in a time of coalitions / Paranjoy Guha Thakurta, Shan   E-BOOK 2007
      Party politics in India ; the development of a multi-party system.   E-BOOK
46 Political Parties India History Sources : JQ215 1979 I52 1979 ; Oakdale Circulating (2nd Floor) ; AVAILABLE      
      The Indian nationalist movement, 1885-1947 : select documents / edited by B. N. Pandey.   BOOK 1979
47 Political Parties Indonesia      
      The institutionalisation of political parties in post-authoritarian Indonesia [electronic resource] :   E-BOOK
48 Political Parties Iowa    
      Iowa precinct caucuses [electronic resource] : the making of a media event / by Hugh Winebrenner.   E-BOOK 1998
      The Iowa precinct caucuses [electronic resource] : the making of a media event / Hugh Winebrenner and   E-BOOK c2010
49 Political Parties Ireland : JN1541 .I72 1987 ; Oakdale Circulating (2nd Floor) ; AVAILABLE      
      Ireland at the polls, 1981, 1982, and 1987 : a study of four general elections / Howard R. Penniman a   BOOK 1987
50 Political Parties Ireland History 20th Century    
      The Destiny of the Soldiers - Fianna Fáil, Irish Republicanism and the IRA, 1926-1973 [electronic res   E-BOOK 2014
      Fianna Fáil and Irish labour [electronic resource] : 1926 to the present / Kieran Allen.   E-BOOK 1997
      The resurrection of Ireland [electronic resource] : the Sinn Féin Party, 1916-1923 / Michael Laffan.   E-BOOK 1999
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