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Reading Ability Testing Great Britain : LB1050.46 .P84 1985 ; Oakdale Circulating (2nd Floor) ; AVAILABLE      
      Reading : tests and assessment techniques / Peter D. Pumfrey.   BOOK 1985
Reading Ability Testing Handbooks Manuals Etc    
      Ekwall reading inventory / Eldon E. Ekwall.   BOOK c1986
      The handbook of literacy assessment and evaluation / Bill Harp.   BOOK c2000
Reading Ability Testing United States    
      Designing and using rubrics for reading and language arts, K-6 / Joan F. Groeber   BOOK c2007
      Guide to the use of reading tests / developed by Terri Strand.   BOOK 1988
      The nation's report card, reading 2007 [electronic resource].   ELECTRONIC 2007
      Practical steps for informing literacy instruction : a diagnostic decision-making model / Michael W.   BOOK c1995
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Reading Ability Testing United States Statistics    
      1994 NAEP reading : a first look : findings from the National Assessment of Educational Progress / Pa   BOOK 1995?
      Cross-state data compendium for the NAEP 1994 grade 4 reading assessment / Karen E. Miller, Jennifer   BOOK 1995
      Data compendium for the NAEP 1992 reading assessment of the nation and the states [microform] / prepa   BOOK 1994
      Executive summary of the NAEP 1992 reading report card for the nation and the states : data from the   BOOK 1993
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Your entry reading ability testing¯¯4¯¯SORT would be here -- Search as Words
Reading Abstracts Periodicals : LB1050 .I4883b ; Oakdale Circulating (2nd Floor) ; AVAILABLE      
      Annual summary of investigations relating to reading.   BOOK c1988-
Reading Activity Programs : LB1139.5.R43 H39 1990 ; Curriculum Materials Ctr (Oakdale) ; LOST AND PAID      
      Learning and loving to read : the breakthrough that ushers your child into the fantastic world of rea   BOOK c1990
Reading Adult Education    
      The complete theory-to-practice handbook of adult literacy : curriculum design and teaching approache   BOOK c1990
      Reading between the lines : a balanced approach to literacy / Marion E. Neville Lynch   BOOK c2005
      Reading is knowledge / Timothy V. Rasinski, Nancy D. Padak, John Logan ; editorial assistant: Beth Da   BOOK 1991
Reading Adult Education Abstracts : LC149 .K39 1984 ; Oakdale Circulating (2nd Floor) ; AVAILABLE      
      Adult literacy : an annotated bibliography / compiled by Francis E. Kazemek and Pat Rigg.   BOOK 1984
Reading Adult Education Directories : LC151 .A33 1995 ; Oakdale Circulating (2nd Floor) ; AVAILABLE      
      Access to literacy : a tri-state referral guide / Thirteen/WNET.   BOOK 1995?
Reading Adult Education England Nottingham Case Studies : LC156.G7 L39 1986 ; Oakdale Circulating (2nd Floor) ; AVAILABLE      
      The social context of literacy / [Kenneth Levine].   BOOK 1986
Reading Adult Education Great Britain      
      Talking about literacy [electronic resource] : principles and practice of adult literacy education /   E-BOOK 2002
  Reading Adult Education Study And Teaching -- See Reading (Adult education)    
Reading Adult Education United States    
      Adolescent literacy : what works and why / Judith Davidson and David Koppenhaver.   BOOK 1988
      Illiteracy in America : extent, causes, and suggested solutions / the National Advisory Council on Ad   BOOK 1986
      Reading vocabulary for the new naturalization test [electronic resource].   ELECTRONIC 2009
      Workplace literacy / Anne Skagen, editor.   BOOK c1986
  Reading Aids And Devices -- See also the narrower term Captioned media in reading    
Reading Aids And Devices    
      Reading aids through the grades : a guide to materials and 501 activities for individualizing reading   BOOK 1981
      Reading and deafness / Cynthia M. King, Stephen P. Quigley.   BOOK c1985
      Teacher's directory of reading skill aids and materials / Emerald Dechant.   BOOK c1981
Reading Aids And Devices Handbooks Manuals Etc : LB1525 .L55 1998 ; Curriculum Materials Ctr (Oakdale) ; AVAILABLE      
      Learning to read and write : developmentally appropriate practices for young children.   BOOK c1998
  Reading Aloud -- See Oral reading    
  Reading And Books -- See Books and reading
--subdivision Books and reading under names of individual persons and under classes of persons and ethnic groups for works that discuss their reading interests or recommended reading for the group, e.g. College students--Books and reading; Blind--Books and reading; African Americans--Books and reading
  Reading And Northern Railroad -- See also ConRail    
Reading Audio Visual Aids : LB1050.38 .C37 1986 ; Oakdale Circulating (2nd Floor) ; AVAILABLE      
      Teaching students to read through their individual learning styles / Marie Carbo, Rita Dunn, Kenneth   BOOK c1986
Reading Bible    
      Christian figural reading and the fashioning of identity [electronic resource] / John David Dawson.   E-BOOK c2001
      God's Word for all nations [electronic resource] : a Bible reading plan / J. Delbert Erb.   E-BOOK c1997
Reading Bible Old Testament Exodus I Ii      
      Israel in Egypt [electronic resource] : reading Exodus 1-2 / Gordon F. Davies.   E-BOOK c1992
Reading Bibliography : Z5814.D5 S49 1982 ; Oakdale Circulating (2nd Floor) ; AVAILABLE      
      Sex stereotypes and reading : research and strategies / edited by E. Marcia Sheridan for the IRA Sex   BOOK c1982
Reading California Examinations Study Guides      
      RICA [electronic resource] : reading instruction competence assesment : teacher certification exam /   E-BOOK 2008
Reading Case Studies    
      Effective teaching of reading : research and practice / edited by James V. Hoffman.   BOOK 1986
      Reading [electronic resource] : assessment, comprehension and teaching / Nancy H. Salas and Donna D.   E-BOOK c2009
      Reading problems and problem readers / by M. F. W. Pollack and Josephine A. Piekarz.   BOOK c1963
Reading Children With Social Disabilities Education      
      Shaping the preschool agenda [electronic resource] : early literacy, public policy, and professional   E-BOOK c1993
  Reading Choice Of -- 2 Related Subjects    
  Reading Circles -- See Group reading    
  Reading Code Emphasis Approaches -- 4 Related Subjects    
Reading Code Emphasis Approaches : LB1050 .A24 1986 ; Oakdale Circulating (2nd Floor) ; AVAILABLE      
      Acquisition of reading skills : cultural constraints and cognitive universals / edited by Barbara R.   BOOK 1986
  Reading Company -- See also ConRail    
Reading Comprehension    
      Academic reading / Kathleen T. McWhorter.   BOOK c1994
      Academic reading / Kathleen T. McWhorter.   BOOK c1998
      Analytical reading inventory : assessing reading strategies for literature/story, science, social stu   BOOK c1989
      Aspects of Literary Comprehension [electronic resource] : A Cognitive Approach.   E-BOOK 1993
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Reading Comprehension Ability Testing    
      Qualitative reading inventory, 3 / Lauren Leslie, JoAnne Caldwell.   BOOK 2001
      Reading : what can be measured? / Roger Farr, Robert Carey.   BOOK 1986
      Text complexity and reading comprehension tests [electronic resource] / Erik Castello.   E-BOOK c2008
Reading Comprehension Ability Testing New York State Long Island Statistics : Dissertations ; Microfiche (Oakdale 1st Floor) ; ASK AT WINDOW      
      The relationship between students' oral reading fluency assessment and their reading comprehension sc   MANUSCRIPT 2009
Reading Comprehension Africa      
      Reading and comprehension in the african context [electronic resource] : a cognitive enquiry / Agnes   E-BOOK 2012
Reading Comprehension Case Studies      
      Reading [electronic resource] : assessment, comprehension and teaching / Nancy H. Salas and Donna D.   E-BOOK c2009
Reading Comprehension Congresses    
      Comprehension processes in reading / edited by D.A. Balota, G.B. Flores d'Arcais, K. Rayner.   BOOK 1990
      The Contexts of school-based literacy / Taffy E. Raphael, [editor].   BOOK 1986?
Reading Comprehension Evaluation    
      Read and retell : a strategy for the whole-language/natural learning classroom / Hazel Brown and Bria   BOOK 1990
      Reading comprehension assessment : a cognitive basis / Peter H. Johnston.   BOOK c1983
      The reading literacy of U.S. fourth-grade students in an international context [electronic resource]   E-BOOK c2009
Reading Comprehension Examinations Study Guides      
      GACE [electronic resource] : Middle Grades Reading 012 : teacher certification exam / by Sharon Wynne   E-BOOK 2007
Reading Comprehension Juvenile Software : PZ8.3.G276 Gre 1996 ; Curriculum Materials Ctr (Oakdale) ; AVAILABLE      
      Green eggs and ham [electronic resource] / by Dr. Seuss.   ELECTRONIC c1996
Reading Comprehension New York Metropolitan Area : Dissertations ; Microfiche (Oakdale 1st Floor) ; ASK AT WINDOW      
      The relationship of students' interaction with text, reading comprehension, and attitudes toward read   MANUSCRIPT 2005
Reading Comprehension Oregon Portland Case Studies      
      Starting with comprehension [electronic resource] : reading strategies for the youngest learners / An   E-BOOK c2005
Reading Comprehension Philosophy : LB1050.2 .M37 1988 ; Oakdale Circulating (2nd Floor) ; AVAILABLE      
      Theories of reading in dialogue : an interdisciplinary study / Thomas W. McCormick.   BOOK c1988
Reading Comprehension Philosophy History : LB1050.2 .B37 1989 ; Oakdale Circulating (2nd Floor) ; AVAILABLE      
      Early English reading theory : origins of current debates / by David Bartine.   BOOK c1989
Reading Comprehension Problems Exercises Etc    
      Building basic reading skills / Thomas G. Gunning.   BOOK c1998
      Cloze in the content areas.   BOOK c1993
      Cloze passages : strategies and applications.   BOOK c1992
      Explorations : introductory activities for literature and composition, 7-12 / Peter Smagorinsky, Tom   BOOK 1987
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Reading Comprehension Research    
      The influence of prior knowledge on expert readers' main idea construction processes / Peter Afflerba   BOOK 1986
      Reading for understanding : toward an R&D program in reading comprehension / RAND Reading Study Group   BOOK 2002
      Reading for understanding [electronic resource] : toward an R & D program in reading comprehension /   E-BOOK 2002
      Reading for understanding [electronic resource] : toward an R & D program in reading comprehension /   E-BOOK 2002
Reading Comprehension Study And Teaching    
      Cloze passages : strategies and applications.   BOOK c1992
      Collaborative strategies for teaching reading comprehension [electronic resource] : maximizing your i   E-BOOK 2007
      Content area reading : an integrated approach / John E. Readence, Thomas W. Bean, R. Scott Baldwin.   BOOK c1981
      Guided comprehension for English learners [electronic resource] / Maureen McLaughlin.   E-BOOK c2012
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Reading Comprehension Study And Teaching Early Childhood United States      
      Early reading first and beyond [electronic resource] : a guide to building early literacy skills / Su   E-BOOK c2008
Reading Comprehension Study And Teaching Elementary    
      Adventures in graphica : using comics and graphic novels to teach comprehension, 2-6 / Terry Thompson   BOOK c2008
      Building basic reading skills / Thomas G. Gunning.   BOOK c1998
      Cloze in the content areas.   BOOK c1993
      The common core lesson book, K-5 : working with increasingly complex literature, informational text,   BOOK c2012
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Reading Comprehension Study And Teaching Elementary United States    
      Guided comprehension : a teaching model for grades 3-8 / Maureen McLaughlin, Mary Beth Allen.   BOOK c2002
      Guided comprehension in action : lessons for grades 3-8 / Maureen McLaughlin, Mary Beth Allen.   BOOK 2002
      Reading comprehension : strategies for independent learners / Camille Blachowicz, Donna Ogle.   BOOK 2001
      Reading is our business [electronic resource] : how libraries can foster reading comprehension / Shar   E-BOOK 2006
      Teaching vocabulary to improve reading comprehension / William E. Nagy.   BOOK 1988
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