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1   Philosophers -- 9 Related Subjects    
2 Philosophers    
      The beginning of knowledge [electronic resource] / Hans-Georg Gadamer ; translated by Rod Coltman.   E-BOOK 2002
      A companion to the philosophers [electronic resource] / edited by Robert L. Arrington ; advisory edit   E-BOOK 1999
      Fundamentals of philosophy : a study of classical texts.   BOOK c1969
      The great philosophers / edited by Hannah Arendt ; translated by Ralph Manheim.   BOOK 1962-
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3 Philosophers 18th Century : Q174 .K36      
      The science of right [electronic resource] / by Immanuel Kant ; translated by W. Hastie.   E-BOOK
4   Philosophers African American -- See African American philosophers    
5 Philosophers Ancient    
      The Greek philosophers from Thales to Aristotle / [by] W. K. C. Guthrie.   BOOK 1960
      Models of ancient Greek philosophy / by Warren A. Shibles.   BOOK 1971
      Thales von Milet in der frühen christlichen Literatur [electronic resource] : Darstellungen seiner Fi   E-BOOK 2011
6 Philosophers Ancient Biography      
      The regime of Demetrius of Phalerum in Athens, 317-307 BCE [electronic resource] : a philosopher in p   E-BOOK 2009
7 Philosophers Ancient Biography Encyclopedias    
      Encyclopedia of classical philosophy / edited by Donald J. Zeyl ; associate editors, Daniel T. Devere   BOOK 1997
      Encyclopedia of classical philosophy [electronic resource] / edited by Donald J. Zeyl ; associate edi   E-BOOK 1997
8 Philosophers Ancient Dictionaries      
      The philosophers of the ancient world [electronic resource] : an A to Z guide / Trevor Curnow.   E-BOOK 2006
9 Philosophers Asia Biography    
      Fifty Eastern thinkers [electronic resource] / Diané Collinson, Kathryn Plant, and Robert Wilkinson.   E-BOOK 2000
      Thirty-five oriental philosophers [electronic resource] / Diané Collinson and Robert Wilkinson.   E-BOOK 1994
10   Philosophers Austria -- See also the narrower term Vienna circle    
11 Philosophers Austria Biography : B1649.P64 A38 1982 ; Oakdale Circulating (2nd Floor) ; AVAILABLE      
      Unended quest : an intellectual autobiography / Karl Popper.   BOOK c1982
12 Philosophers Biography    
      Examined lives : from Socrates to Nietzsche / James Miller   BOOK 2011
      Four reasonable men : Marcus Aurelius, John Stuart Mill, Ernest Renan, Henry Sidgwick / Brand Blansha   BOOK c1984
      One hundred twentieth-century philosophers [electronic resource] / edited by Stuart Brown, Diané Coll   E-BOOK 1998
      Philosophy : an introduction to the art of wondering / James L. Christian   BOOK c2003
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13 Philosophers Biography Dictionaries      
      Biographical dictionary of twentieth-century philosophers [electronic resource] / edited by Stuart Br   E-BOOK c1996
14 Philosophers Biography Encyclopedias      
      Encyclopedia of philosophers on religion [electronic resource] / Bernard J. Verkamp.   E-BOOK c2008
15 Philosophers Biography History And Criticism      
      The philosopher's "I" [electronic resource] : autobiography and the search for the self / J. Lenore W   E-BOOK c2006
16 Philosophers Canada Biography Dictionaries      
      The dictionary of early American philosophers [electronic resource] / general editor John R. Shook.   E-BOOK 2012
17 Philosophers Canada Correspondence      
      George Grant : selected letters / edited with an introduction by William Christian.   E-BOOK
18 Philosophers China Biography    
      The last Confucian : Liang Shu-ming and the Chinese dilemma of modernity / Guy S. Alitto.   BOOK c1979
      The religious philosophy of Liang Shuming [electronic resource] : the hidden Buddhist / by Thierry Me   E-BOOK 2011
      The hall of three pines [electronic resource] : an account of my life / Feng Youlan ; translated by D   E-BOOK c2000
19 Philosophers Conduct Of Life    
      The art of living : Socratic reflections from Plato to Foucault / Alexander Nehamas.   BOOK c1998
      The art of living [electronic resource] : Socratic reflections from Plato to Foucault / Alexander Neh   E-BOOK c1998
20 Philosophers Denmark      
      Sřren Kierkegaard : a biography / Joakim Garff ; translated by Bruce H. Kirmmse.   E-BOOK
21 Philosophers Denmark Biography    
      Building the nation : N.F.S. Grundtvig and Danish national identity / edited by John A. Hall, Ove Kor   E-BOOK
      Kierkegaard [electronic resource] : a biography / Alastair Hannay.   E-BOOK 2001
      Kierkegaard and his contemporaries [electronic resource] : the culture of golden age Denmark / edited   E-BOOK 2003
      Sřren Kierkegaard : a biography / Joakim Garff ; translated by Bruce H. Kirmmse.   BOOK 2007
22 Philosophers Denmark Diaries      
      Deutsche Sřren Kierkegaard Edition [electronic resource] . Band 3, Journale und Aufzeichnungen : Noti   E-BOOK c2011
23 Philosophers Drama      
      Socrates on trial [electronic resource] : a play based on Aristophanes' Clouds and Plato's Apology, C   E-BOOK 2008
24   Philosophers Egg -- See Alchemy    
25 Philosophers Encyclopedias      
      The Oxford companion to philosophy [electronic resource] / edited by Ted Honderich.   E-BOOK 2005
26 Philosophers England Biography    
      A.J. Ayer : a life / Ben Rogers.   BOOK c1999
      The autobiography of John Stuart Mill [electronic resource] / by John Stuart Mill.   E-BOOK
      Autobiography of John Stuart Mill [electronic resource] / John Stuart Mill.   E-BOOK c2009
      Autobiography of John Stuart Mill : published (for the first time, without alterations or omissions)   BOOK 1924
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27 Philosophers England Correspondence      
      Additional letters of John Stuart Mill [electronic resource] / edited by Marion Filipiuk, Michael Lai   E-BOOK c1991
28 Philosophers Europe Attitudes    
      Africa, Asia, and the history of philosophy [electronic resource] : racism in the formation of the ph   E-BOOK c2013
      Race and racism in continental philosophy [electronic resource] / edited by Robert Bernasconi ; with   E-BOOK c2003
29 Philosophers Europe History 17th Century      
      Institutio oratoria [electronic resource] : Bacon, Descartes, Hobbes, Spinoza / von Jan Rothkamm.   E-BOOK 2009
30 Philosophers Europe History 18th Century      
      Patrons of enlightenment [electronic resource] / Edward G. Andrew.   E-BOOK c2006
31 Philosophers Fiction    
      Dickory Cronke [electronic resource] / by Daniel Defoe.   E-BOOK
      Judgement of the sage [electronic resource] / Stephen Crane.   E-BOOK 1996
      The right mistake [electronic resource] : the further philosophical investigations of Socrates Fortlo   E-BOOK c2008
32 Philosophers France    
      Jean Baudrillard [electronic resource] : live theory / Paul Hegarty.   E-BOOK c2004
      The new Sartre [electronic resource] : explorations in postmodernism / Nik Farrell Fox.   E-BOOK 2003
      Pascal's thoughts [electronic resource] / by Blaise Pascal.   E-BOOK
33 Philosophers France Biography    
      Art and intellect in the philosophy of Etienne Gilson [electronic resource] / Francesca Aran Murphy.   E-BOOK c2004
      Counterpath : traveling with Jacques Derrida / Catherine Malabou and Jacques Derrida ; translated by   BOOK 2004
      Jean-Paul Sartre : hated conscience of his century / John Gerassi.   BOOK 1989-
      The lives of Michel Foucault : a biography / David Macey.   BOOK c1995
8 additional entries    
34 Philosophers France Correspondence    
      Correspondance générale d'Helvétius. Vol. 5, Quatre nouvelles lettres, errata, additions et modificat   E-BOOK 2004
      Correspondance générale d'Helvétius. Volume 4, 1774-1800, lettres 721-855 [electronic resource] / édi   E-BOOK c1998
      Correspondance générale d'Helvétius. Volume III, 1761-1774 / Lettres 465-720 [electronic resource] :   E-BOOK c1991
35 Philosophers France Interviews    
      What makes us think? : a neuroscientist and a philosopher argue about ethics, human nature, and the b   BOOK c2000
      Life/Situations : essays written and spoken / by Jean-Paul Sartre ; translated by Paul Auster and Lyd   BOOK c1977
36 Philosophers Germany    
      Music in German philosophy [electronic resource] : an introduction / edited by Stefan Lorenz Sorgner   E-BOOK 2010
      Nietzsche for beginners / by Marc Sautet ; illustrated by Patrick Boussignac.   BOOK 1990
37 Philosophers Germany 19th Century      
      Nietzsche und Frankreich [electronic resource] / herausgegeben von Clemens Pornschlegel und Martin St   E-BOOK 2009
38 Philosophers Germany 20th Century      
      In Medias Res [electronic resource] : Peter Sloterdijk's Spherological Poetics of Being.   E-BOOK 2011
39 Philosophers Germany 21st Century      
      In Medias Res [electronic resource] : Peter Sloterdijk's Spherological Poetics of Being.   E-BOOK 2011
40 Philosophers Germany Biography    
      Autobiographical reflections [electronic resource] / Eric Voegelin ; edited with an introduction by E   E-BOOK 2011
      Back to Kant : the revival of Kantianism in German social and historical thought, 1860-1914.   BOOK c1978
      Conversations with Nietzsche : a life in the words of his contemporaries / edited and with an introdu   BOOK 1987
      Conversations with Nietzsche [electronic resource] : a life in the words of his contemporaries / edit   E-BOOK 1987
18 additional entries    
41 Philosophers Germany Correspondence    
      Briefwechsel 1806-1807 [electronic resource] : (Briefe 2173-2597).   E-BOOK 2011
      Hegel, the letters [electronic resource] / translated by Clark Butler and Christiane Seiler ; with co   E-BOOK c1984
      The Leibniz-Des Bosses correspondence [electronic resource] / G.W. Leibniz ; translated, edited, and   E-BOOK c2007
42 Philosophers Germany Correspondence Congresses      
      Grundlegung und Kritik [electronic resource] : Der Briefwechsel zwischen Schelling und Fichte, 1794-1   E-BOOK 2005
43 Philosophers Germany Fiction      
      Nietzsche [electronic resource] : a novel / David Farrell Krell.   E-BOOK c1996
44 Philosophers Germany History 20th Century      
      Hitler's philosophers [electronic resource] / Yvonne Sherratt.   E-BOOK 2012
45 Philosophers Germany Interviews    
      Hans-Georg Gadamer on education, poetry, and history [electronic resource] : applied hermeneutics / e   E-BOOK c1992
      A century of philosophy [electronic resource] / Hans-Georg Gadamer in conversation with Riccardo Dott   E-BOOK 2006
46 Philosophers Germany Sermons      
      Predigten, 1809-1815 [electronic resource] / Friedrich Daniel Ernst Schleiermacher ; herausgegeben vo   E-BOOK 2011
47 Philosophers Great Britain      
      Gillian Rose [electronic resource] : a good enough justice / Kate Schick.   E-BOOK 2012
48 Philosophers Great Britain Biography    
      Confessions of a philosopher : a personal journey through Western philosophy from Plato to Popper/ Br   BOOK 1999
      (On) Lord Francis Bacon [electronic resource] / by Ben Jonson.   E-BOOK
      Thomas Hobbes [electronic resource] / R.E.R. Bunce.   E-BOOK c2009
      Thomas Hobbes : radical in the service of reaction / by Arnold A. Rogow.   BOOK c1986
      Whitehead's Pancreativism [electronic resource] : the Basics.   E-BOOK 2006
49 Philosophers Greece Biography    
      Happiness through tranquillity : the school of Epicurus / Richard W. Hibler.   BOOK c1984
      Theophrastus of Eresus [electronic resource] : sources for his life, writings, thought and influence.   E-BOOK 2007
50 Philosophers Greece Biography Sources      
      Theophrastus of Eresus. Commentary volume 6.1, Sources on ethics [electronic resource] / by William W   E-BOOK 2011
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