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      Recovering resources-- recycling citizenship [electronic resource] : urban poverty reduction in Latin   E-BOOK 2008
      Racist victimization [electronic resource] : international reflections and perspectives / edited by J   E-BOOK c2008
      Queer attachments [electronic resource] : the cultural politics of shame / Sally R. Munt.   E-BOOK 2008
      Technology & sustainability / Peter Denton.   E-BOOK
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154660gao2025126000voice3012584066fax : HE9803.A4 M422 1995 ; Brookhaven Circulating ; ASK AT REFERENCE DESK      
      International aviation : DOT needs better data for monitoring and decisionmaking : statement for the   BOOK 1995
1546833x : P87 .C5 ; Oakdale Circulating (2nd Floor) ; AVAILABLE      
      A closer look : media arts.   BOOK c2000-
154690gao2025126000voice3012584066fax : TE228 .H533 1995 ; Oakdale Circulating (2nd Floor) ; AVAILABLE      
      Highway signs : conversion to metric units could be costly : report to the Honorable John J. Duncan,   BOOK 1995
15469883 : LB2336 .C37 ; Print Periodicals (Oakdale 1st Floor) ; AVAILABLE      
      Carnegie reporter / Carnegie Corporation of New York.   PERIODICAL c2000-
      Education and training in developmental disabilities.   PERIODICAL 2003-
      Education and training in mental retardation.   PERIODICAL 1993
      Education and training of the mentally retarded.   PERIODICAL 1986
15479676 : VK23 .A26 ; Periodicals Microfiche (Oakdale), Print Periodicals (Oakdale 1st Floor) ; AVAILABLE      
      Proceedings of the Marine Safety Council.   PERIODICAL 1971-
15485277 : HV41.2 .F68 ; Oakdale Circulating (2nd Floor) ; LIB USE ONLY      
      The Foundation Center's guide to grantseeking on the web.   BOOK c1998-
154862gao2025126000voice3012584066fax : TL521 .M44 ; Brookhaven Circulating ; ASK AT REFERENCE DESK      
      Federal Aviation Administration : issues related to FAA reform : statement of Kenneth M. Mead, Direct   BOOK 1995
15486346 : LA217.2 .A45 ; Oakdale Reference (1st Floor), Brookhaven Reference ; LIB USE ONLY, ASK AT REFERENCE DESK      
      The almanac of American education.   BOOK c2003-
15489256 : UG478 A92      
      Aviation week's netdefense.   ELECTRONIC c2003-
15490815 : PE1425 .J68 ; Print Periodicals (Oakdale 1st Floor) ; AVAILABLE      
      Journal of narrative theory : JNT.   PERIODICAL c1998-
154995gao2025126000voice3012584066fax : TL726.4.D59 A33 ; Brookhaven Circulating ; ASK AT REFERENCE DESK      
      Denver International Airport : baggage handling, contracting, and other issues : fact sheet for the H   BOOK 1995
      A city in the making [electronic resource] : progress, people & perils in Victorian Toronto / by Fred   E-BOOK 1988
      First person [electronic resource] : a biography of Cairine Wilson, Canada's first woman Senator / Va   E-BOOK 1988
      Activists and advocates [electronic resource] : Toronto's Health Department, 1883-1983 / Heather MacD   E-BOOK 1990
      Hudson Bay Watershed [electronic resource] : a photographic memoir of the Ojibway, Cree, and Oji-Cree   E-BOOK 1991
      Art of the spirit [electronic resource] : contemporary Canadian fabric art / Helen Bradfield, Joan Pr   E-BOOK c1992
      Confessions of a curator [electronic resource] : adventures in Canadian art / Joan Murray.   E-BOOK c1996
      Canada from afar [electronic resource] : the Daily telegraph book of Canadian obituaries / edited by   E-BOOK c1996
      Citizenship and democracy [electronic resource] : a case for proportional representation / Nick Loene   E-BOOK c1997
      Bridging the Strait [electronic resource] : the story of the Confederation Bridge project / Copthorne   E-BOOK 1997
      Heartbreak and heroism [electronic resource] : Canadian search and rescue stories / John Melady.   E-BOOK c1997
      Boom town blues [electronic resource] : Elliot Lake, collapse and revival in a single-industry commun   E-BOOK c1999
      Boom town blues [electronic resource] : Elliot Lake, collapse and revival in a single-industry commun   E-BOOK c1999
      Discover & explore Toronto's waterfront [electronic resource] : a walker's, jogger's, cyclist's, boat   E-BOOK c1998
      Ask the Grey Sisters [electronic resource] : Sault Ste. Marie and the General Hospital, 1898-1998 / E   E-BOOK 1998
      Ask the Grey Sisters [electronic resource] : Sault Ste. Marie and the General Hospital, 1898-1998 / E   E-BOOK 1998
      The War of 1812 [electronic resource] : the war that both sides won / Wesley B Turner.   E-BOOK c2000
      Losing the Empress [electronic resource] : a personal journey : the Empress of Ireland's enduring sha   E-BOOK c2000
      Amiens [electronic resource] : dawn of victory / James McWilliams and R. James Steel.   E-BOOK c2001
      Uncertain justice [electronic resource] : Canadian women and capital punishment 1754-1953 / F. Murray   E-BOOK 2000
      Warrior chiefs [electronic resource] : perspectives on senior Canadian military leaders / edited by B   E-BOOK c2001
      The Canadian general election of 2000 [electronic resource] / edited by Jon H. Pammett and Christophe   E-BOOK 2001
      Fifty years the Queen [electronic resource] : a tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on her gold   E-BOOK c2002
      Murderous minds on trial [electronic resource] : terrible tales from a forensic psychiatrist's case b   E-BOOK c2002
      Remembering Lucy Maud Montgomery [electronic resource] / Alexandra Heilbron.   E-BOOK c2001
      The little immigrants [electronic resource] : the orphans who came to Canada / Kenneth Bagnell ; [pre   E-BOOK 2001
      The invisible war [electronic resource] : the untold secret story of Number One Canadian Special Wire   E-BOOK 2001
      The Canadian small business survival guide [electronic resource] : how to start and operate your own   E-BOOK c2002
      How to get the most out of your divorce, financially [electronic resource] / G. Edmond Burrows.   E-BOOK c2002
      The making of Billy Bishop [electronic resource] : the First World War exploits of Billy Bishop, VC /   E-BOOK 2002
      Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, 1900-2002 [electronic resource] : the Queen Mother and her century   E-BOOK c2002
      Candymaking in Canada [electronic resource] : the history and business of Canada's confectionery indu   E-BOOK 2003
      Candymaking in Canada [electronic resource] : the history and business of Canada's confectionery indu   E-BOOK 2003
      Louis Applebaum [electronic resource] : a passion for culture / Walter Pitman.   E-BOOK c2002
      Not bad for a sergeant [electronic resource] : the memoirs of Barney Danson / with Curtis Fahey.   E-BOOK c2002
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