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1 Health Services Accessibility    
      Access to care and factors that impact access, patients as partners in care and changing roles of hea   E-BOOK 2011
      Health and inequality [electronic resource] : geographical perspectives / Sarah Curtis.   E-BOOK 2004
      Health care services, racial and ethnic minorities and underserved populations [electronic resource]   E-BOOK 2005
      Health Inequalities and Global Justice [electronic resource] / edited by Patti Tamara Lenard, Christi   E-BOOK 2013
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2 Health Services Accessibility Africa    
      Les maux et les choses de la santé [electronic resource] : acteurs, pratiques et systèmes de santé da   E-BOOK 2010
      Medicine, mobility, and power in global Africa [electronic resource] : transnational health and heali   E-BOOK c2012
3 Health Services Accessibility California      
      Grassroots coalitions and state policy change [electronic resource] : organizing for immigrant health   E-BOOK c2011
4 Health Services Accessibility Case Studies      
      The impact of demographics on health and health care [electronic resource] : race, ethnicity and othe   E-BOOK 2010
5 Health Services Accessibility Congo Democratic Republic      
      Supporting local health care in a chronic crisis [electronic resource] : management and financing app   E-BOOK c2006
6 Health Services Accessibility Congresses    
      Toward equity in health [electronic resource] : a new global approach to health disparities / Barbara   E-BOOK c2008
      Toward health equity and patient-centeredness [electronic resource] : integrating health literacy, di   E-BOOK 2009
7 Health Services Accessibility Connecticut      
      Healthy voices, unhealthy silence [electronic resource] : advocacy and health policy for the poor / C   E-BOOK c2007
8 Health Services Accessibility Economic Aspects      
      Unequal lives [electronic resource] : health and socioeconomic inequalities / Hilary Graham.   E-BOOK 2007
9 Health Services Accessibility Economic Aspects United States : RA418.5.P6 A58 2006 ; Oakdale Circulating (2nd Floor) ; AVAILABLE      
      Poor families in America's health care crisis / Ronald J. Angel, Laura Lein, Jane Henrici   BOOK 2006
10 Health Services Accessibility Government Policy United States      
      Insuring America's health [electronic resource] : principles and recommendations / Committee on the C   E-BOOK 2004
11 Health Services Accessibility Great Britain      
      Social work, health and equality [electronic resource] / Eileen McLeod and Paul Bywaters.   E-BOOK 2002
12 Health Services Accessibility Law And Legislation United States      
      The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act : select elements and entities / Otis Cronin and Peter   E-BOOK
13 Health Services Accessibility Massachusetts      
      Grassroots coalitions and state policy change [electronic resource] : organizing for immigrant health   E-BOOK c2011
14 Health Services Accessibility Moral And Ethical Aspects      
      Distributing health care [electronic resource] : principles, practices, and policies / edited and int   E-BOOK c2007
15 Health Services Accessibility New York State New York      
      Mobilizing the community for better health [electronic resource] : what the rest of America can learn   E-BOOK c2011
16 Health Services Accessibility North America      
      Contested spaces [electronic resource] : abortion clinics, women's shelters and hospitals : politiciz   E-BOOK 2012
17 Health Services Accessibility Ontario Toronto Case Studies      
      Healing home [electronic resource] : health and homelessness in the life stories of young women / Van   E-BOOK c2013
18 Health Services Accessibility Oregon      
      Just don't get sick [electronic resource] : access to health care in the aftermath of welfare reform   E-BOOK c2007
19 Health Services Accessibility Standards United States      
      Race, ethnicity, and language data [electronic resource] : standardization for health care quality im   E-BOOK c2009
20 Health Services Accessibility Standards United States States Congresses      
      State and Local Policy Initiatives to Reduce Health Disparities [electronic resource] : workshop summ   E-BOOK c2011
21 Health Services Accessibility United States    
      America's children [electronic resource] : health insurance and access to care / Margaret Edmunds and   E-BOOK 1998
      Assessing health care reform [electronic resource] / Committee on Assessing Health Care Reform Propos   E-BOOK 1993
      Black and blue [electronic resource] : the origins and consequences of medical racism / John Hoberman   E-BOOK c2012
      Care without coverage [electronic resource] : too little, too late / Committee on the Consequences of   E-BOOK c2002
21 additional entries    
22 Health Services Accessibility United States Congresses    
      African American bioethics [electronic resource] : culture, race, and identity / Lawrence J. Prograis   E-BOOK c2007
      Challenges and successes in reducing health disparities [electronic resource] : workshop summary / Je   E-BOOK c2008
      Perspectives on essential health benefits [electronic resource] : workshop report / Cheryl Ulmer, Ber   E-BOOK c2012
      Supporting a movement for health and health equity : lessons from social movements : workshop summary   E-BOOK
23 Health Services Accessibility United States Evaluation      
      Access to health care in America [electronic resource] / Committee on Monitoring Access to Personal H   E-BOOK 1993
24 Health Services Accessibility United States Evaluation Statistical Methods      
      Eliminating health disparities [electronic resource] : measurement and data needs / Panel on DHHS Col   E-BOOK c2004
25 Health Services Accessibility United States History 20th Century      
      A black physician's struggle for civil rights [electronic resource] : Edward C. Mazique, M.D. / Flore   E-BOOK c2005
26 Health Services Accessibility United States Quality Control    
      Envisioning the national health care quality report [electronic resource] / Committee on the National   E-BOOK c2001
      Exploring innovation and quality improvement in health care micro-systems [electronic resource] : a c   E-BOOK c2000

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