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1 Capitalism United States    
      After capitalism : from managerialism to workplace democracy / Seymour Melman   BOOK 2001
      All together now [electronic resource] : common sense for a fair economy / Jared Bernstein.   E-BOOK c2006
      American law in the age of hypercapitalism [electronic resource] : the worker, the family, and the st   E-BOOK c1998
      The antislavery debate [electronic resource] : capitalism and abolitionism as a problem in historical   E-BOOK c1992
15 additional entries    
2 Capitalism United States 20th Century History      
      Radicals for Capitalism [electronic resource] : A Freewheeling History of the Modern American Liberta   E-BOOK 2009
3 Capitalism United States History    
      America's culture of terrorism [electronic resource] : violence, capitalism, and the written word / J   E-BOOK c2003
      Colossus : how the corporation changed America / Jack Beatty.   BOOK c2001
      A contest of ideas : capital, politics, and labor / Nelson Lichtenstein.   E-BOOK
      Envy of the world [electronic resource] : a history of the U.S. economy & big business / by Timothy J   E-BOOK c2006
4 additional entries    
4 Capitalism United States History 19th Century      
      The populist vision [electronic resource] / Charles Postel.   E-BOOK 2007
5 Capitalism United States History 20th Century      
      Men against myths [electronic resource] : the progressive response / Fred Greenbaum.   E-BOOK 2000
6 Capitalism United States Public Opinion : HD3616.U47 R1464 1987 ; Oakdale Circulating (2nd Floor) ; AVAILABLE      
      American states of mind : political beliefs and behavior among private and public workers / Craig Rei   BOOK c1987

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